“I appreciate your professionalism and knowledge of the law of which I utilized your services. The work was conducted in a timely and professional manner and at a cost that was affordable and manageable. I will recommend you to friends that would benefit from your services. I thank you, and pray for your success in your personal and professional life. Have a great day.”

Sincerely, Mr. Francis Alexander

“I was in the middle of a divorce and had so many bills that I knew there was no way I was going to be able to pay them all … Nathan discussed my options with me and we decided what would be best for me. He also made me feel at ease about my choice. No one wants to file bankruptcy, but sometimes it is your best option. [Nathan] was also very down to earth and comforting. I had a lot of questions and I’m sure he’s heard them so many times, but he listened carefully and took the time to answer them all. Also, anytime I needed to email him he got back to me ASAP. I would recommend him to anyone that was in my situation.”

“Ever since I met Nathan, I have thought of him as a friend. He is a wonderful, caring person and I recommend him to anyone I meet facing financial difficulties.”


“Deladurantey Law firm is by far one of the best experienced law firms in Wisconsin. I can say that because of my own experience with them. Talking about a complex and unusual situation my problems were in which they had to deal with two different states. I’ll tell you they handled all the issues and got results. Make no mistake I don’t want to go through Bankruptcy again, but if I do it will be with Deladurantey Law Firm representing me. Give them a try if you want some peace of mind.”

“I was very embarrassed to be in the position to have to file bankruptcy but Nathan treated me with respect, made me feel comfortable and I was able to keep my dignity.”


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