Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Creditors and a long-standing social stigma have served to mislead many debtors into thinking that a bankruptcy filing somehow indicates failure. The reality is that bankruptcy protection offers a legal means to resolve your outstanding debts. When you can no longer keep up with your financial obligations and are not making progress toward paying your bills, it may be appropriate to consider filing for bankruptcy. Not only can bankruptcy help you reorganize or eliminate debts, but it is also a way you can get a fresh financial start.

For debtors who are employed or otherwise have access to a reliable source of income, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can offer a helpful solution. A successful Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can stop wage garnishment as well as foreclosure or repossession, and it allows you to renegotiate the terms of your current repayment agreements. Contact the Milwaukee Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers of the DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC, at 414-377-0518 to schedule a free consultation with a committed advocate.

Understanding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Whereas Chapter 7 bankruptcy might require a filer to expose some property or assets to bankruptcy sale, Chapter 13 does not. Instead, a debtor attempts to reach a new repayment plan pursuant to which he or she will satisfy the debts owed to creditors. Typically, this repayment plan will be established for the duration of 3-5 years. The following can be helpful in your effort to better understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy:

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