Will Navient Handle Your Sallie Mae’s Student Loan?

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on October 2, 2014

Business DistributionIf you have a Sallie Mae student loan, you might soon be seeing communications from a new company called “Navient.” Sallie Mae is splitting into two companies this fall. All servicing and billing of federal student loans and come private student loans will be transferred to Navient.

Sallie Mae is not selling your loans to another company. Instead, Navient is the servicing branch of Sallie Mae that is becoming a separate company. So, what does this mean to you? If you have a Sallie Mae student loan:

  • You may receive a notice in the mail or by email from Sallie Mae informing you of any changes. If you do not receive notification, you may want to contact Sallie Mae to verify whether or not your loan will be handled through Navient.
  • If you pay your student loan by mailing a check each month, the payee will now be Navient (not Sallie Mae). All other loan information remains the same. You should verify the change in payee in the notice you receive from Sallie Mae.
  • If you pay your Sallie Mae loan via auto-debit from your bank account, your payments should continue as scheduled. However, it is important to monitor your bank account to confirm the payments are being withdrawn properly. If not, be sure to contact Sallie Mae or Navient directly.
  • If you make your monthly payments online, you will now make them through Navient.com (not Sallie Mae).

To read more about this change in your student loan, visit SallieMae.com/future. If you need assistance with obtaining a manageable repayment plan, rehabilitation or loan consolidation, contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

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