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by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on July 3, 2014

Student loan debtIf you are like most college students and paid for your college education by taking out student loans, you should check out a new means for getting your student loan debt paid. A new organization, SponsorChange.org, is working with non-profit organizations and sponsors to allow college graduates to volunteer their time and talent in exchange for having their student loan debt reduced.

Because most recent graduates are working one or more jobs in order to pay their bills, they have very little time to volunteer. SponsorChange.org sees this dramatic decrease in volunteering after graduation as a having a severely negative impact on under-served communities and non-profit organizations. Thus, the organization is seeking to recruit educated and skilled graduates to work on service projects while rewarding their service by raising funds from sponsors that is used to pay down the volunteer’s student loans.

If this program is successful, charities will benefit by having the best talent and skill at their disposal, which college graduates obtain assistance with their overwhelming student loan debt. Additionally, by starting out volunteering early in life, the graduates are more likely to continue volunteering throughout their lifetime. And lastly, donors have the positive impact on the community while by able to track their contributions at non-profits.

As the website claims: “They Serve, You Sponsor, Change happens.” The program is fairly new and currently only available in a few locations, but it is growing and worth looking into. Volunteers receive approximately $10 to $20 an hour in student loan payments, based upon the level of skill needed for the project. So, not only can you do something that makes you feel good about giving back to others, but it also makes you feel great about paying down your student loan debt.

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