The Student Loan Problem

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on December 26, 2014

Student loan in chalkStudent loan debt is a difficult issue facing thousands of recent graduates. The media often focuses on the scenario where the graduate has $100,000 in loans, but is working as a waitress and cannot afford to pay the loan debt. However, the unemployment rate for graduates with a four-year degree is pretty low and the pay for college graduates is pretty high.

The real crisis occurs for individuals who have less student loan debt, but they never graduated from college or earned a degree that will allow them to obtain a higher paid job. Many students don’t fully understand what they are getting themselves into when they enroll in college or a graduate program. When they discover it won’t lead to a job or they simply are not interested in pursuing their education further, they drop out. However, they also underestimate how much student loan debt they have. There are numerous studies that indicate very few students can estimate their loan amount within 10% of its actual value, and most of them underestimate the sum.

If a student doesn’t have a firm grasp on the amount of debt he or she has accumulated, it can be difficult to make wise decisions regarding what field to study, how dedicated to obtaining a degree he or she should be, or even employment decisions. Thus, one of the most important things you can do is to stay on top of your student loan debt.

If you have student loans and you are feeling overwhelmed, we can help. Let us review your individual circumstances and explain your options to you. We can assist with loan consolidation, rehabilitation and negotiate manageable repayment plans.

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