What paperwork is required to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on December 4, 2013

What paperwork is required to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?When an individual seeks bankruptcy protection under Chapter 7, numerous pleadings must be filed with the court. You must make full financial disclosure, including listing your assets, debts, income and expenses. Your attorney at DeLadurantey Law Offices, LLC will help you with the required pleadings, but it is imperative that you provide your lawyer with all of your financial information. Below is a list of the initial pleadings that must be filed in your Chapter 7 case:

  • the bankruptcy petition
  • a list of all your property and assets
  • a list of all your debts
  • a list of all your creditors (called the “creditor matrix”)
  • a list of your current income and expenses
  • a statement of your financial affairs
  • a certificate from your attorney indicating that (i) you received a notice describing the different bankruptcy chapters, (ii) a notice of the services available from the credit counseling agencies, and (ii) a statement specifying that anyone who knowingly or fraudulently conceals assets or makes a false statement under oath is subject to fine, imprisonment, or both.

Together, the above pleadings are commonly referred to as your “Schedules and Statement of Financial Affairs.” Once your attorney has prepared your pleadings, it is your obligation to review them closely and confirm they are true and correct. When these pleadings are filed with the court, it is done under the penalty of perjury.

If you are considering filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, let the knowledgeable attorneys at DeLadurantey Law Offices, LLC help.

At DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC, we help businesses and families find their way out of highly difficult financial situations. We provide the advice and guidance you need in obtaining debt relief through bankruptcy and debt negotiations. We can also assist you in defending a foreclosure action. Contact us at 414-377-0518 to discuss how our Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys can assist you.


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