Important Bankruptcy Deadlines

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on April 21, 2014

CalendarIf you file a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, the bankruptcy court will mail a “Notice of Bankruptcy” to all the parties listed on your creditor’s matrix. The notice sets forth numerous important deadlines. In fact, a creditor may forfeit the right to make a claim or file an objection in your case if the creditor misses a deadline. Examples of the deadlines that are usually listed on the Notice of Bankruptcy are:

  • Petition date.  This is the date you filed the bankruptcy petition. Many other deadlines are established from this date.
  • Meeting of creditors.  The “meeting of creditors” as required under Section 341 of the Bankruptcy Code (also referred to as the 341 meeting), is scheduled by the Notice.  It is typically 30-45 days after the date the bankruptcy petition was filed.
  • Proof of Claims. If you file an asset case, the court sets a deadline for creditors to file their Proof of Claim. Creditors who fail to timely file their claim may be deemed to have waived the claim.
  • Discharge objection. The Notice will provide creditors with the deadline to object to the discharge of the creditor’s debt, which is within 60 days after the first scheduled meeting of creditors.
  • Object to exemptions. If you have erroneously claimed an exemption, a creditor can object to such exemption within 30 days after the meeting of creditors has concluded.

If you are considering filing a bankruptcy case, call the attorneys at DeLadurantey Law Office for help. We will fully explain all of the important deadlines and walk you through each step of your filing.

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