How Budgeting Can Help Save Your Finances

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on October 22, 2009

How Budgeting Can Help Save Your Finances

Budgeting is a task that few people look forward to. In fact, many Americans avoid budgeting altogether, trying to keep track of expenses in their head and hoping that they have enough to make it through the month. When it comes time to pay bills, many people find themselves wondering, “Where did all of my money go?” While budgeting may not be fun or exciting, it is an essential part of money management that can help save you from the stress and grief of debt.

Starting Your Budget

Starting a budget can seem intimidating, but it is really quite simple. Basically, you are dividing your expenses into things that you need and things that you want. Most of your money should go towards things that you need, but many Americans overspend on wants and then find that they did not save enough to pay their bills.

To start budgeting, list all of the necessary expenses that you must pay month to month, such as rent or a house payment, a car payment, insurance, utility bills, and other expenses. These are things that you must pay to avoid debt. Also be sure to give yourself enough money to cover your typical gasoline purchases for a month as well as your food expenses. Try to limit the amount of money that you give yourself to dine out, since it can get costly very quickly.

Planning for the Unexpected

You may find that your necessities take up the majority of your paycheck, or maybe even all of it. This is a good standard against which you can compare your past spending. Perhaps you were spending too much on unnecessary items that you wanted but didn’t really need. If you do have money left over after setting aside funds for your necessary expenses, consider any unexpected expenses that may come up. Perhaps you have an old car that may break down, or you may need to visit the doctor soon. Set aside some money to save for unexpected purchases that may arise.

It may not be fun to budget, but it can help to keep you on track financially to avoid potentially devastating pitfalls of debt that could take years to escape. Budgeting can be interesting if you think of it as a challenge. Particularly if you are already in debt, budgeting can be a useful tool to help you begin to pay off those high credit card bills and make other payments on time to avoid foreclosure or repossession.

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