Former NBA athlete struggles with bankruptcy

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on December 30, 2011

Retired NBA star Antoine Walker has been accused by his daughter’s mother of failing to pay child support and tuition for his 13 year-old daughter. Walker appeared in court last week, but a federal judge will have to decide whether or not the case can proceed since he has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Along with $117,000 in unpaid child support and nearly $28,000 in school costs for his daughter, the 35 year-old owes $1.2 million to casinos and $2 million on a house he bought his mother. Walker is on probation after pleading guilty to not paying $750,000 he owes to three different Las Vegas casinos.

During his 13 year career in the NBA, he is estimated to have earned $110 million.

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