Depression and Bankruptcy

by DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC on December 10, 2010

The financial distress that leads an individual to consider filing for bankruptcy protection can take a significant toll on his or her physical and mental health, in addition to placing a strain on interpersonal relationships. Unfortunately, many people struggle to cope with this stress and become clinically depressed. If you are concerned about your mental health during bankruptcy, it is important that you learn about the benefits of bankruptcy and the benefits that it can offer you going forward.

Coping During Bankruptcy

If you have noticed a lack of energy and a negative attitude during bankruptcy, you may be experiencing depression. Depression often arises when a person is experiences significant life change, and bankruptcy certainly qualifies. It is highly advisable to speak with a professional psychologist or licensed counselor, but the following are some useful tips that have been shown to reduce some of the effects of depression:

  • Keep a journal
  • Exercise
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Find and engage with a bankruptcy support group

Bankruptcy, while intimidating, is ultimately a very positive thing. A successful bankruptcy filing can free you from debts that interfere with your ability to live a stress-free and enjoyable existence. It puts an end to the calls and letters from creditors and can let your life begin returning to normal.

To learn more about bankruptcy and the positive effects that it can have on your life, contact the Milwaukee bankruptcy attorneys of the DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC, at 414-377-0518. You can count on us to provide the skilled and experienced counsel and guidance that you need through the handling of your bankruptcy case.


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