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Solving problems, it’s what we do. In fact, most of our clients do not know what kind of legal assistance they need when they call us; they just know they need help. Whether you are drowning in debt, your home is in foreclosure or you have a creditor relentlessly harassing you, we have the experience, skill and creativity to find the best resolution for you. We can also help with issues that arise under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, including errors on your credit report. Helping consumers turn around their finances is what we thrive on.

Giving you the spark of hope

What you see as a hopeless situation may actually be used as a stepping stone for getting your financial life back on track. We have had great success in helping consumers fight back and demand that their rights be respected. We firmly believe that the law can be used as a shield to protect you, but also as a sword when creditors are trying to take advantage of you. A few areas we can help you with include:

Chapter 7 bankruptcy
Chapter 13 bankruptcy
Collection disputes
Consumer fraud
Credit report disputes
Creditor harassment
Debt negotiation
Foreclosure defense
Loan modifications
Student loan collection issues

The minute you enter our law firm you will understand that we are different. You can feel it in the atmosphere, see it in our faces and believe it in the results we achieve.

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The attorneys and staff at DeLadurantey Law Office, LLC are prepared to help you obtain a fresh financial start. We are proud to serve all of Wisconsin, including the areas surrounding Milwaukee, Green Bay and Madison.. Contact us at 414-377-0518 to schedule your confidential consultation.

Bankruptcy & Consumer Protection Law Firm


Bankruptcy & Consumer Protection Law Firm


People who are deeply in debt are often unfairly stereotyped in many ways. The truth is that even people who work hard and try to plan for the future can easily find themselves in financial trouble. More> Filing for bankruptcy is not the only option for people living with more debt than they can manage. Another strategy is known as debt negotiation. More>

Bankruptcy & Consumer Protection Law Firm


Bankruptcy & Consumer Protection Law Firm


When a person falls behind too far on mortgage payments, the bank that made the original loan may file a kind of lawsuit called a foreclosure. More> More>

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